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Re-Electing Mike Nerheim is more important than ever, as Lake County and the world grapple with the economic, health, and social strains of covid-19, and a renewed focus on social justice, racial equality, and law enforcement practices.

Your role as a voter is crucial, as the 2020 campaign relies on people like you taking the time to watch, share and show your support among your family, friends and socially-distanced neighbors.

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A call to Lake County voter action

The Truth About Domestic Violence

My opponent has chosen to brazenly mislead voters rather than provide concrete reasons to support him. The latest is the story placed in the @dailyherald in which he is intentionally misleading people regarding the work being done to address the rise in #domesticviolence.
The facts are that the full Lake County Domestic Violence Council comprises more than 50 people from across the county, and it meets twice per year. The last meeting was in September, and the meeting scheduled for mid-March was postponed due to the #covid-19 shutdown. But the real work of the council never stopped. It is the responsibility of smaller subcommittees, and this work has continued unabated with zoom, phone, and small group meetings.
We recently were able to convene a larger meeting, and in fact, a few weeks ago, key members of the Domestic Violence Council, which I chair, addressed the covid-related rise in abuse and the additional resources required and being deployed.
You are invited to watch it its entirety:

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