People Trust Mike

Some of Lake County’s most notable law, government and community leaders know Mike Nerheim very well. Even before he assumed office, these people knew Mike was the only person who could make the progress needed and bring the change necessary to restore hope, pride and justice to the office of State’s Attorney. Mike has proven them right.

When he became State’s Attorney for Lake County, Mike knew the scrutiny of wrongful death convictions in prior years had eroded public trust. To help restore confidence in the State’s Attorney’s Office, Mike established the independent Case Review Panel and the Citizen’s Advisory Board as well as streamlined the felony review process.

The independent Case Review Panel is made up of volunteer legal professionals from a variety of backgrounds. An in-house Conviction Integrity Unit supplements the independent Case Review Panel. The Citizens Advisory Board is a key component in improving trust through engaging the community in issues.

The commitment of Mike’s staff to justice for all has had a direct, positive impact on better relations with citizens as well as the law enforcement community.

Bringing Change and Diversity To the Office

Staff Changes:
  • 57% of all current Assistant State’s Attorneys (ASAs) were hired by Mike after taking office
  • 59% of all supervisors were either hired &/or reassigned by Mike
  • 23% of all ASAs hired by Mike have been diversity hires
  • 59% of all ASAs hired by Mike were diversity &/or female
  • 44% of all non-ASA hires by Mike are diversity hires
  • 50% of management positions are held by women
  • Two of the top three positions in the office (Chief Deputy) are held by women
  • Mike has actively recruited diversity candidates at law schools, employment forums and through minority-targeted publications.