Lake County State’s Attorney Mike Nerheim is a proven leader, living up to all campaign promises, cutting waste and making the State’s Attorney’s Office a more effective, streamlined and transparent place.


Here's how Mike Nerheim has rebuilt trust in the office

  • Establishing an independent Case Review Panel, in-house Conviction Integrity Unit, and Citizen’s Advisory Board
  • Creating the Specialized Victims’ Unit, Gang & Narcotics Unit, Domestic Violence Unit, Special Investigations Unit, and Cyber/White Collar Crime Unit to improve efficiency and effectiveness of prosecutions
  • Streamlining the felony review process
  • Creating the Alternative Prosecution Program for first time non-violent offenders
  • Fighting Public Corruption
  • Co-founding the Lake County Opioid Initiative
  • Improving communications, transparency and media relations
  • Forging new alliances with community partners and increasing outreach


Among the many honors he’s received, the Illinois State Crime Commission twice named Nerheim the State’s Attorney of the Year for 2017 and 2014, showing the respect he’s garnered goes far beyond the boundaries of Lake County.