You know me. 

You know I’m not unwilling to fight for what I believe is right, fair, and just on behalf of victims and, when rights need to be protected, on behalf of the accused. 

There is one thing I have not wanted to do, and that is to be part of any campaign that is dirty, ugly, and dishonest.  Back in 2012, it was a major challenge to just get on the radar, then campaign and win in both the primary and general elections when I didn’t even have the formal backing of the party.  And we did it in a way that, to this day, people remember as being one of the most positive, uplifting, and innovative campaigns ever seen in Lake County.

This campaign has been a challenge because of the lack of in-person opportunities to meet more voters in communities all across the county.  It has also been an extremely busy time in the State’s Attorney’s office, so the blessing is that I have been much more focused on doing the job than campaigning for re-election.

So here we are, some 40+ days from election day, and my opponent is misleading voters about my record on everything from wrongful convictions, being soft on crime, ignoring domestic violence, use of police force, and being out of touch with the community.

It’s almost laughable, in that on each of these points (and in fact, many more) the Lake County State’s Attorney’s office has in fact been heralded for our progress, accomplishments, and willingness to take on issues that previously were not even on the to-do lists of prosecutors anywhere in the country.

I’m proud of the results we’ve accomplished in the State’s Attorney’s office, working with so many of you since my election in 2012. We know we have much more to achieve. We are still working hard to ensure equal justice, reduce crime, and help more people find the help they need to stay alive and positively contribute as members of our community.

So this, my friends, is my request of you.  I need your voices of support and public expressions of your own experiences observing, participating in, and benefiting from all this office has accomplished. And I need you to share however you feel in some way, that I, as Lake County State’s Attorney, have made life in our county safer, more just and more responsive to the issues and concerns of the times. 

Please help drown out the political discourse with words of truth, justice, and honesty before we find ourselves at risk of losing what we have worked so hard to achieve.