We now know things did not go the way we had hoped. The “Blue Wave” got in the way.  

Regardless of the outcome, I am proud of the way we ran this campaign. We ran a positive campaign centered on truth, integrity, and justice.

The main hurdle to overcome in this election was the impact that national politics was going to play on our local race. We were able to secure a lot of crossover votes, but in the end, not enough.

I have peace in knowing that we left it all on the field. This has been a long journey but I was never alone.

I had an amazing team of dedicated supporters, all friends, and family, who were with me throughout. I will never be able to adequately express how much I appreciate your support, but please know that I’ll never forget it.

I have no idea what the future will bring, but I have no regrets and will walk away from this office that I love so much with my head held high.  

I have every intention of finding ways to continue see the programs and initiatives created, endure, and to continue to seek justice and save lives. Thank you again for being such an important part of my campaign.

Lake County State’s Attorney Mike Nerheim has brought leadership, experience and compassion to the office, transforming how justice is served, laws are enforced and lives saved.  


 to be recognized for the leadership, innovation, and accomplishments of the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office.


to be transparent, approachable, and involved with diverse organizations representing and serving the people of Lake County and the State of Illinois.


for the support and commitments of so many who campaign and work so hard to ensure a third-term in 2020.


for the safety of our community during these times, encouraging all to remain socially responsible, practice social distancing, and encourage others to do the same.


to Justice for all, and putting an end to racial injustice, social-economic injustice and community initiatives that bring people together to remain #LakeCountyStrong for my family and yours. 

Supporting Mike Nerheim

Look who suports Mike Nerheim for re-election in 2020

From a former Democratic opponent to the past president of the NAACP, community leaders, activists, murder victim’s families, and people from across our county whose lives have been saved, rights protected and experienced the thoughtful progressive leadership of Mike Nerheim have a lot to say about what you should KNOW BEFORE YOU VOTE in the 2020 election.

The list of endorsements is growing daily in response to the rise in disinformation being spread during the run up to November 3rd.

Accomplished: Independent Case Review Panel

Within the first month of being elected in 2012, Mike established the Independent Case Review Panel of volunteer legal professionals/focuses on preventing wrongful convictions/develops new protocols for prosecution.

Accomplished: Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness

  Restructured the State’s Attorney’s Office, increasing efficiency and effectiveness by creating specialized units and focused approach.

Accomplished: Leadership That Is Saving Lives in Lake County

Called on local agencies to develop a comprehensive opioid prevention strategy for Lake County. He introduced a progressive new program “A Way Out” which allows people suffering substance abuse a pathway to recovery by turning to police. Mike also co-founded the nationally-recognized Lake County Opioid Initiative, which is a collaborative countywide, multi-agency effort to prevent opioid abuse, addiction, overdose and death.

Highly Honored for His Achievements

Twice named State’s Attorney of the Year by the Illinois State Crime Commission (2017 and 2014). Received the 2016 Law Enforcement Innovation Award from the Lake County Municipal League. Given the 2016 Community Impact Award from Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center. Received the National Gang Crime Research Center’s Award for outstanding leadership in prosecution.

Peter B. Bensinger

“Mike Nerheim is our Lake County States Attorney and he deserves to be re-elected. He has helped save hundreds of lives through the Lake County Opioid Initiative, connected many hundreds more to treatment through the “A Way Out” program, and has prosecuted criminals to protect our families and our communities. Mike is a man of integrity with great character and experience. In today’s unpredictable environment, we need him.“
-Peter B. Bensinger,
  •  Lake County resident for over 38 years  
  •  Former Administrator of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration 
  •  Former Chair, Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority 
  •  Former Chair of Lake Forest Police and Fire Commission 

Dr. Mary Roberson

"Lake County State’s Attorney Mike Nerheim is a champion for causes affecting our communities. As a partner in the fight against opioid overdose deaths, Northern Illinois Recovery Community Organization is honored to support and continuously stand with Mr. Nerheim. As a Navy Veteran and a team member of our Lake County’s Veterans Treatment Assistance Court, I am proud of the diversionary programs Mike’s office has implemented and maintained in our county."

Chelsea Laliberte Barnes

"Mike is an empowering advocate and change agent. When I met Mike in 2011 following the death of my brother from an overdose, Lake County had one of the worst overdose rates in the country. Mike brought community leaders and impacted families together quickly and we got to work. Because of Mike’s compassionate, strategic, and progressive leadership, Lake County has modeled how to put politics aside and bring people together to reduce deaths, increase access to care, and move away from punishing people for being human. "

Samuel Skinner

"I am proud to support Mike Nerheim for re-election as Lake County State's Attorney. He has done an outstanding job and proven himself to be one of our nation's best." 

Rev. R. J. Harris

"At a time where the entire country has now realized the need and importance of social and racial equity, it is refreshing to know that this has always been top of mind for Mike Nerheim. Whether it is his programs for restorative justice or the nine months that he helped drive the voluntary Department of Justice mediation with the City of Waukegan, Mike has always been determined to ensure that the rule of law is adhered to while at the same time recognizing that it is not perfect and that he needs to stand in the gap to ensure that systems are in place to balance the scales of justice for those who otherwise may get erroneously caught up in the 'system.' Most recently and notable was Mike’s work in bringing several federal agencies e.g. Department of Justice, Homeland Security, and the FBI, to host the first-ever 'Protecting Places of Worship' summit along with hundreds of faith-based leaders and parishioners from across Lake and Cook County. This monumental effort helped prepare houses of worship against race/faith-based hate crimes and would-be criminals. The empathy and awareness that Mike displays is essential for today’s States Attorney’s and we are fortunate to have him on 'our' side here in Lake County."

Tara Thomas

"Lake County State's Attorney Mike Nerheim is a man of character and a man of his word, and in today's climate that is rare. He is accessible and actively involved in the Lake County community. I trust him to seek justice against hatred and racism. Anyone who knows Mike Nerheim - whether they are Democrat, Republican or Independent - respects and supports him."

Amy Junge

"Mikes commitment to justice goes far beyond the courtroom. With great humility and integrity, Mike brings good people together to solve for various problems and challenges in our county. He inspires action and empowers us all to embrace our rights and responsibilities as American citizens when it comes to building a safe, healthy and strong community. We are better together under his leadership. I look forward to voting for Mike Nerheim in November with complete confidence."

Andy Duran

“Mike is one of the finest people I have ever worked with, and he approaches his position with compassion, equity and respect. The fact that he has twice won State’s Attorney of the Year in Illinois underscores the job he has done to be tough on crime, but progressive on justice. The simple truth is that Mike Nerheim needs to be re-elected as Lake County State’s Attorney."

Allen Lynch

"It is my honor to support Mike Nerheim's re-election as Lake County State's Attorney. In addition to his experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney, he has brought quality leadership to the State's Attorney's Office. He has established many innovative programs with an eye to keeping people out of trouble and out of jail. In addition to serving as Lake County State's Attorney, Mike has gone the extra mile and has been involved with many veteran-related programs including Lake County Honor Flight, Lake County Veterans History Project, and he currently serves as the Judge Advocate for the Lake County Council of the Navy League. Under Mike's leadership, the Lake County State's Attorney's Office is now recognized as one of the top prosecutors' offices in the country. He is a champion of the specialty courts, such as Veterans Treatment & Assistance Court, Mental Health Court, and Drug Court, and helps those veterans involved in the legal system to get the proper treatment and support. Mike has shown himself to be a friend to veterans. He deserves our support."

Mike Perillo

“I ran for the office as a Democrat, and I am here to say that Mike Nerheim is the best, most experienced and qualified candidate for Lake County State's Attorney."

Dr. Margarita Garcia

"I'm strongly supporting Mike Nerheim for re-election as Lake County State's Attorney because I know his heart for ALL the people of this community. He is a true champion in the fight against domestic violence and has been a tireless advocate for the rights of victims. Mike has focused resources on this critical issue by creating a Domestic Violence Unit with experienced and highly trained prosecutors and victim-witness coordinators specializing in domestic violence. He understands the importance of increased safety for victims and their children, and collaborates with partnering agencies and law enforcement to ensure their unique needs are met. Mike and his office have set a high standard for advocacy being modeled across the country."

Brian McClain, Sr.

"I am proud to endorse my friend, Mike Nerheim, for re-election as Lake County State's Attorney. He has done so much for the office and made a difference for all the people of Lake County. Just look at all that he's accomplished since he's been in office. The criminal justice reforms that have kept nonviolent people out of jail and offered them the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves, the Lake County Opioid Initiative, the A Way Out program, his focus on finding better ways to help child victims and the improvements to the Children's Advocacy Center. He's respected, well-known in the community, always helping out and supporting programs like the Senior Citizens Breakfast, Mother's Day Program and Toys for Tots. He's open-minded and fair to everyone in our diverse county--black, white, brown. He's for all the people. Don't look at the party, look at the person."

Oscar Zepeda

“As a journalist, I can identify people who act in good faith, have
a good heart and are very human. These are the qualities of Mike
Nerheim, therefore, I can confidently recommend him for the

Latino community to re-elect him to continue as Lake County State's Attorney.”

“Como periodista, puedo identificar a las personas que actúan
de buena fe, tienen buen corazón y son muy humanos, esas son
cualidades de Mike Nerheim, por eso, con toda confianza puedo
recomendarlo para que la comunidad Latina lo reelija y sigua
siendo Fiscal del Condado de Lake.”

Dr. Susan Sirota, MD

"As a pediatrician and parent in Lake County, I am grateful for State’s Attorney Nerheim’s unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of our youth and to the prevention of youth substance use. His dedication is best seen in his work to  prevent youth vaping--a public health crisis that impacts over 5 million teens. He refused to turn a blind eye to a harmful trend that set youth tobacco control back decades, and instead filed a first of its kind suit highlighting predatory marketing tactics that targeted our youth. As the COVID-19 pandemic is presenting many challenges for our youth, now more than ever, we need someone like Mike Nerheim, to continue to promote the health of our youth in Lake County."

Victoria Martin

"I have been an attorney for 40 years, serving as an Assistant State's Attorney in Lake County from 1981 to 1987. I believe that Mike Nerheim has been an outstanding State's Attorney. He deserves to serve another term to continue to lead the office with honesty, integrity and compassion."

Matt Tabar

"Mike has continually stood up for quality educational opportunities for young children as a way to prevent crime. I cannot think of a stronger advocate for children and quality education than Mike Nerheim. I support Mike for re-election."

Bruce Johnson

"Without a doubt, Mike Nerheim has been the leading force responsible for many of Lake County’s successes which are being emulated across the nation. Through his efforts, Mike has made Lake County safer and has brought a new level of compassion and care for victims. He has made a positive impact for the many organizations he volunteers for, and has helped to save so many lives and positively affected the families of so many more through his leadership of the Lake County Opioid Initiative. I know Lake County is better every day because of Mike Nerheim!"

Hon. Michael J. Fusz

"I wish to express my support for Mike Nerheim for re-election as Lake County States’ Attorney. As an experienced prosecutor who has also been a defense attorney, Mike has been instrumental in developing and supporting innovative programs which not only educate and protect the community, but also rehabilitate offenders. He co-founded the Lake County Opioid Initiative, a nationally-recognized drug intervention program, which has saved lives that would otherwise be lost through drug addiction. He has provided strong support to the highly successful intensive Specialized Treatment programs including Veterans Court, Mental Health Court & Drug Court which help non-violent offenders return to productive lives. Since its inception in 2012, Michael and his office have also actively participated in the Annual Lake County Veterans History Project, ensuring that the experiences of our veterans are preserved in the Library of Congress."

Hon. Margaret J. Mullen

"Lake County State's Attorney Mike Nerheim has a proven commitment to Restorative Justice programs. He deserves our vote so that he can continue this important work."

Ellen Cohen

"I support Mike Nerheim for Lake County State's Attorney because he believes in protecting the youngest in our community; the people who may be afraid to speak up; the children who are victims of crimes. He provides comfort, safety and enforces the law to protect them. 

In collaboration with Mike, Zac’s Zoo has been able to provide calmness, security, and comfort, with a brand new stuffed animal."

Julio C. Argueta

"Mike Nerheim will continue to seek justice for all Lake County residents.  Mike's tireless efforts to ensure the public that all accused will be treated fairly and that all victims' rights will be preserved has made the Lake County State's Attorney's Office the model for Equity and Equality. In these turbulent times, we need a man who will stand for consistency and fairness."

Kathaleen Neville, LCSW

"Without hesitation, I fully support Mike Nerheim for re-election as Lake County State's Attorney. I have had the pleasure of working with the Lake County Domestic Violence Council and Veteran's specialty court. Mike has been committed to providing the utmost support to these multi-disciplinary teams in order to create meaningful and impactful services. It is Mike's passion for his work that has been the catharsis for these programs to attain the highest level of effectiveness, accountability, innovation and prudent justice. Mike is a man of his word and a public servant who 'walks the talk.'"

Lives Saved with Naloxone

People Connected to Treatment (A Way Out)

Budget Savings (in millions)

Years as both Prosecutor and Defense Attorney